Poland work visa

Poland work visa

Work permit is a document that entitles foreigners to work in Poland. It applies only to citizens of non-European countries, meaning countries other than the European Union member states, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Government-Sponsored Permits

Tn Global Consultant is leading Work Permit Visa Consultancy in Surat. General Government Sponsors work permits are valid for the duration of the contract of employment. A general work permit shall lapse if within 6 months of issuance and if every year thereafter the holder fails to submit satisfactory proof to the Director-General that he/she is still employed along with proof of the terms and conditions of the job, and the job description. Every country looks forward to attracting a skilled workforce in their country. Countries like Australia, US, Canada and the UK have specific rules about work permits that allows them to encourage various industries like IT, core engineering, health care, science etc. These visas are usually temporary and require regular renewal or last until your contract with the company expires. It is essential to have the reapplication process of these visas taken care of by experts to avoid last minute rushed applications, rejections and other hassles. We provide Canada, USA, UK, Poland Work Permit Visa in Ahmedabad.

Company Sponsored permit

A work permits visa grants an individual the permission to stay in a country and work for an employer there. This visa, however, requires the employer to vouch for the individual as well. There are number of procedures that need to be fulfilled for obtaining this visa and, once again, has a deadline attached to it.

A work permit visa also requires you to have a document inviting you to work for the company you have declared to work for, for the specified country. Ensure that all your documents are organized properly and that you are prepared for the interview and other application processes. Take the advice of experts who have done this before so as to understand where you can make mistakes when filling the forms and to track your application. Getting job abroad is only half the battle won, the other half lays in securing yourself a business visa.

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